With online video views increasing each year, retailers are effectively utilizing how-to videos as a supplement to sales strategies and customer service efforts.

RUTLAND Products, a leader in North American hearth and home maintenance products, created a list of key product instructional videos to accomplish the following goals:

  • Inform its current DIY customer base about product instructions and applications.
  • Introduce potential DIY customers to its products and how they fit with today’s lifestyles.
  • Help its Sales team reach more consumers.
  • Help its Customer Service team operate more efficiently.

RUTLAND called on Leinicke Group to create, develop, and produce the video content for its video series and wasn’t disappointed.

RUTLAND’s most recent video – Selecting the Right Chimney Brush” – is a 2:41 how-to video that clearly defines what the do-it-yourselfer needs to know to select the right chimney brush for effectively cleaning his/her chimney flue.

The technical script was written by Leinicke Group and required set construction, videography at four separate locations, green-screen effects, and stock image integration.

Working around road blocks created by the current pandemic throughout the process, Leinicke Group produced a video tool that helps DIY homeowners clearly understand the steps involved in selecting the right chimney brush for their needs.

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