“Industretail” is a term Leinicke Group has used for years – ever since we began to transform our clients’ industrial product lines into consumer-pleasing packaging to open up previously closed markets.

Today’s ever-changing global economy – with unlimited e-commerce opportunities and a resurgence in the importance of “Made In America” – has created opportunities for US manufacturers (who once only sold product by the train car load) to now sell by the blister pack, and US chemical companies who previously sold their products only in 500 gallon container sizes, to market their products in 32-ounce spray bottles for retail use.

With this transformation in sales and distribution comes a dramatic need for these manufacturers to wrap their new consumer product lines in high-impact retail packaging.

Following this new blended “industretail” market, most major industrial distributors have also transformed their local outlet locations to a more retail feel by allowing product line point of sale floor and counter displays, thus further emphasizing the need for high impact industrial packaging.

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