Express Chem LLC, marketer of industrial chemical products to contractors across the United States and Canada, has responded to the tremendous need for additional sanitizing products in today’s consumer market by introducing its MYCO brand Disinfectant and Sanitizer products to the retail market.

Earlier this year, Express Chem realized that its current industrial product labeling would not be suitable for its new retail market and asked Leinicke Group to give MYCO products a fresh new look from logo to labeling.

MYCO LogoFirst, to help Express Chem transform its industrial labeling into a contemporary and memorable retail design, Leinicke Group retained the current MYCO corporate color palette and gave its brand logo a fresh, clean appearance that is easily identifiable.

The same “Fresh & Clean” branding was also applied to the product packaging, with a crisp, dynamic label design that commands attention on the retail shelf and generates strong brand identity on the shelf to establish its presence in the consumer market.

The bottle at left in the image above shows MYCO’s previous 1 gallon logo and label design. Shown in the middle and at right are MYCO’s new logo and label design from Leinicke Group for MYCO’s 1 gallon Ready-To-Use and Concentrate retail bottles.

After completing the labeling for the MYCO 1 Gallon RTU and Concentrate labels, as well as the 32 oz spray bottle, Leinicke Group is currently redesigning MYCO collateral materials and transforming additional Express Chem product lines to meet retail market needs.

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