Missouri Meerschaum, the world’s leading producer of corn cob pipes for over 150 years, recently asked Leinicke Group to create a new patriotic look for its B2C in-store pipe display racks.

The new look needed to retain branding elements from previous Missouri Meerschaum retail merchandising, but carry a fresh, new message to the retail customer.

To achieve this, Leinicke Group used 4 different patriotic background images and intertwined them with an updated version of the Missouri Meerschaum logo and previous brand images to create the new, patriotic look they wanted.

Missouri Meerschaum was so pleased with the new look that they asked Leinicke Group to create matching trade publication ads as well as sales posters for future promotions.

Integrating this new marketing messaging into multiple media formats widens this outreach to Missouri Meerschaum’s loyal customers, and undoubtedly will also be incorporated into additional future advertising efforts.

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