When developing a new marketing, branding, or image campaign, it’s important to deliver your message across as many media platforms as possible to penetrate your core target market.

More specifically, know your customer – who they are, what they do, what they like, where they buy, what triggers their buying, and where you can find them. Then optimize your campaign budget to penetrate as many aspects of your customer’s target profile as possible.

Missouri Meerschaum used these traditional marketing tactics in the initial phase of their new patriotic image campaign to reach in-store customers, subscribers to trade magazines, and loyal “fans” of Missouri Meerschaum’s products:

  • Point of sale merchandising
  • Trade advertising
  • Promotional posters

In addition to these traditional printed pieces, Missouri Meerschaum asked Leinicke Group to expand its patriotic theme to its website corncobpipe.com with a home page slider.

And to further integrate its patriotic theme in the future, Missouri Meerschaum looks toward including it in its e-mail marketing efforts, social media campaigns, website promotions, couponing, and packaging.

These additional tactics leverage the initial investment in the campaign and increase its effectiveness over a broader base of its target market.

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