Like businesses all over the world, Leinicke Group has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The way we do business – both working with and for our clients, as well as the processes we use to work together as a team and accomplish our work – have been transformed. But has it been for the better?

The Challenge

As a marketing and advertising agency, our mission at Leinicke Group is to be “Always On” for our clients, thus we were challenged to put our brand’s promise to the test in an entirely new format for our clients when the COVID-19 shutdown brought businesses throughout the US to an abrupt halt in mid-March 2020. But not for Leinicke Group – our “Always On” approach was up to the challenge and proved successful!

More than ever before businesses needed to be able to communicate with their employees and their customers, and our clients needed to communicate at this critical time with their customers regarding projects, shipments, e-commerce, and availability. Leinicke Group’s unique positioning as a communications “center” for our clients kept us working 24/7 to get their messages out.

How We Did It

Because our clients needed high-quality communication tools in place during the shutdown, Leinicke Group persevered, stayed open, and lived the “Always On” brand throughout the shutdown months, demonstrating that “Always On” is much more than a savvy marketing concept, much more than a slogan to rally around, but is actually who we are and how we operate every day.  By overcoming business communication adversities day after day during the shutdown, we were able to start and finish both large and small communication projects that our clients urgently needed, giving new meaning to being “Always On”!

While our staff worked remotely from their homes in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky throughout the mid-March to mid-May 2020 shutdown, our husband-and-wife management team worked side by side in the office. Thanks to implementation of remote access technology at Leinicke Group long before the shutdown, we were never negatively impacted by the stresses placed on many companies to abruptly adapt to the new need for novel business communication avenues to keep teams, companies, and clients in touch in a timely and successful manner.

We of course also made use of our smartphones and were quite busy sending text messages and standard e-mail messages to communicate with our team and our clients. Our team and client meetings as well as meetings with prospective clients used both our smartphones as well as the Zoom video platform to conduct business easily in a virtual manner.

As a result, our day-to-day company operation was effective and seamless for all staff members as we shared files, completed project revisions, and performed updates to ongoing projects with the touch of a finger. And if we collectively shared a daily meeting/texting/calling “fatigue” we were no different than other businesses.

The Results

The shutdown acted more as a proving ground for our software and systems as well as for our outside-the-box thinking for communication tactics for our clients. Leinicke Group can and will continue to bring our A-game every business day. Even if we need to operate remotely again in the future, we know that we can deliver for our clients at the same high level as if we were working side by side.

Our technology prowess underscores Leinicke Group’s commitment to using the latest technology advances to stay in the forefront of developing and using new modes of communication to keep our customers’ needs front and center at all times. This successful period of operating and conducting business remotely during COVID-19 validates our desire to serve our clients with excellent and timely service no matter the situation locally or globally.

While nothing beats face-to-face interaction with our customers and team members, the reality is quite likely that both society and business have taken a giant leap forward as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic regarding workable alternatives to protect society while doing business worldwide.

Here at Leinicke Group, be assured that we are prepared to remain “Always On” and ready to serve our clients via the latest technology in a mobile and virtual manner and to work remotely as a team without diminishing our service to clients nor our ability to communicate with them or amongst ourselves.

Let Leinicke Group be “Always On” for you. Give us a call to get the conversation started regarding your very next marketing project requiring creative services and strategized marketing solutions!

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