The new year is a great time to reflect, but an even more important time to analyze.

Reviewing your key website analytics should happen every month. But your annual analytics review will better reveal insights to web successes and disappointments!

If you’ve ever looked through the Google Analytics dashboard, for instance, you’ve seen the vast and comprehensive metrics that drill down in great detail about all site pages. It can be intimidating and overwhelming.

But not all metrics are important to everyone. You will need to decide which ones are important to you.

For instance, the top level metric most companies are interested in is website traffic, or visits. This is a good overall indication of whether your site is growing or declining.

A closer inspection of website traffic might show spikes in visits at key dates that coincide with blog posts, special sales, social media referrals, introduction of new products, etc. showing interest in these topics. However, no increase in website traffic at these dates might suggest little to no interest in these events. This information would make page views a critically important area to investigate.

Are your potential customers on the move or sitting at a desk? Mobile traffic analytics will tell you if they reach your site via a desktop computer or mobile device.

Are visitors reaching your site from referring sites? From social media? From your eblast? From a search engine query? This traffic source may help you know which marketing tactics are working for you and which aren’t.

If a large number of bounces is a concern, review those pages to see what might make visitors bounce. Is content on that page weak? Does it contain critical errors? Is it missing (Error: 404)?

Every company needs to decide which key website analytics are important to them. Key performance indicators vary from business to business and their analytics should too.

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