Intriguing visuals, animations, and videos will become more important in your marketing efforts than ever before. To capture the attention of web surfers and online information seekers, you will need to place an emphasis on visuals in 2019 to grab and hold their attention.

If your company relies on its website’s copy and blog content as part of its marketing strategy, you’re headed in the right direction. But today’s information seekers want more. They are visually oriented. You will need to present your information with compelling visuals with your web content, blog posts, white papers, online ads, and PDFs.

Even more so for social media. Look at how social media platforms are putting their emphasis on visuals. Popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube are based on images, animations, and videos. In fact, Facebook’s 20% Rule limits the amount of text in ads. Ad images consisting of over 20% text would be rejected. Images get noticed on social media!

To better engage with your audience you’ll need to put emphasis on visuals such as custom icons, animations, videos, infographics, or alluring photography. Charts, graphs, and standard clip art won’t cut it. Be sure to use quality visuals that are not only intriguing but pertinent to your content.