Portable trade show booth displays are popular with many companies that have limited floor space at trade shows. Renting a 10 x 10 foot booth, for example, leaves little space for graphic impact. Some tactical thinking and good design, however, can make the most of the space.

Strategic Design
Getting the most out of your display is crucial. The object is to get their attention! Make it interesting. Remember your display is meant to be viewed from ten, twenty, even thirty feet away. So keep your message towards the top so passersby in the aisle can see it over the heads of others. Reserve smaller, more detailed messaging for the lower portion of the display and where it can be read by prospective customers once they get closer.

Pop-Up Displays
A great option for limited booth space is a 10 x 10 foot pop-up 3-panel display. There are many versions on the market and most allow for nearly seamless printing across all panels for maximum impact. The three panels connected together make a great backdrop that will span the width of the booth for optimum visibility.

Banner Stands
Retractable banner stands are an incredibly adaptable and versatile display option. When all three panels are set up next to each other, they measure roughly 10 x 10 feet and create a large visual backdrop. With some creative thinking the panels can be designed so that they can be separated and displayed independently. In fact, in areas where displays are restricted to standing on tabletops, one of the panels can be designed so that it retracts to half its normal height to display an abbreviated message.

Transportation and Set Up
One of the benefits of these smaller displays is their ease in transport and set up – saving time and money. Some come with wheeled carry cases. Others fit in smaller nylon cases with shoulder straps that can be carried through airports without a problem. And since assembly is so easy, there is no need to hire laborers.

Limited floor space doesn’t necessarily mean limited impact. Good planning and design can help you get noticed even when you’re at a space disadvantage.