Today’s online readers merely scan web pages and blogs to find interesting content. No matter how riveting the web copy, visitors aren’t going to read the whole page unless something catches the eye. So what you must do is grab you’re your visitor’s attention, get to the point, and keep it simple.

Font styling and formatting is important! Headlines, sub-heads, bulleted copy, bold text, images, and icons are great ways to visually break up long stretches of copy. When writing copy, keep in mind that a full page of running copy without interruption has little to no chance of getting read.

Once you have succeeded in getting your reader’s attention, present your most important message first. Don’t expect your reader to finish every paragraph or every story. So make every word count so your reader doesn’t lose interest.

There’s an old acronym that still applies to copy today – KISS – or “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, a design principle stating that most systems work best when kept simple rather than complicated. So when in doubt, KISS IT. Avoid writing long, complicated sentences and terminology. Make your copy easy to read by editing it to:

  • Use short, succinct sentences.
  • Eliminate unnecessary words.
  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Avoid repetition.

And, of course, remember to write good content.