(Good) Content is Critical

Your website’s content is extremely important and is a critical factor in showing up in search engine results. Not just content, but good content. Google, the web’s #1 search engine, considers this a critical component in search ranking.

Don’t take your content lightly. Vague content that contains errors or duplications, and text that is “borrowed” and pasted from another site can actually hurt your search engine ranking. Google considers this a credibility issue and, consequently, pushes you further down in page rankings.

Instead, search engines are looking for fresh, well-written content that is focused and uses the right amount of your key words. This type of content will be more engaging, causing readers to spend more time at your site. AKA success.

And don’t skimp on content. Search engines love copious amounts of meaningful copy. Keep your visitors interested and at your site longer. AKA higher rankings.

But achieving page 1 of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) doesn’t happen overnight. A continuous diet of fresh, meaningful content over time is one key to better search rankings.

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