Get Noticed on Social Media

Use images to make readers react, and act.

When it comes to plain text vs image to attract readers, I’ll take image every time for social media posts. Images not only grab our attention, they get us to act. And isn’t that the goal of social media?

There is a rapidly growing trend toward using more visuals in social media content. Two of today’s most popular apps, Pinterest and Instagram, are based on images. Facebook and Twitter redesigned their feeds to better accommodate visuals. So if you are posting text-only content, you’re missing out.

On Facebook, posts with images generate 100 percent more engagement than text-only posts, says Constant Contact. In fact, we recently created a Facebook post identical to our customer’s. With no visual, their post reached 98 people in the week. Our post with a colorful visual reached 322 people in half the time.

According to HubSpot statistics, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared than plain text. And they found that color visuals increase people’s willingness to read content by 80%. That’s a number that’s hard to ignore!

The bottom line is that integrating visuals into your social media is a critical step to increase engagement. Those visuals can take many shapes: photos, infographics, illustrations, icons, charts, type designs, or video screen captures.

Get noticed on social media by using images, or you’ll be missing out!